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One-Day Personal Styling Course!

This one-day personal styling course is a very detailed introduction the the world of

styling either for those who just want to become more fashion conscious or for those who would like to start a career as a fashion stylist. It can also just be be a nice experience as part of your trip to the fashion capital! A whole day dedicated to you, to know more about what suits your body type to look beautiful in any occasion.

Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and the amount of tourists that choose this destination for their vacation is encreasing each year. There are lots of reasons to come visit this beautiful city, starting from its museums such as Palazzo Reale and La Triennale, admiring one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous paintings “The Last Supper” at Pinacoteca di Brera, taking a stroll around Parco Sempione or the Cimitero Monumentale, to the Quadrilatero della Moda to shop for the best luxury brands. If you’re a fashion victim or simply a fashion enthusiast, you cannot miss a personal fashion styling course during your trip to Milan!

And if you are a man… don’t worry, we have a men personal styling course for you too! Nowdays also men are very concerned about looking good and following the latest trends. During the One Day Men Fashion Styling Course you will discover how you can look perfect and stunning according the occasion and your body figure. A must for all men that love the Italian fashion style!


You will receive all useful information about items, patterns, colors and fabrics, a glossary with the descriptions of what a man need to wear and some examples of male fashion icons that made the history with their looks.

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General Styling Coaching 
1- Body Shape – Face Shape 
2- Colors in Fashion 
Your Personal Styling 
3-  Your Colors
4-  Identify which items fits to your Body
5- Your Face Your accessories 
6- Be-Chic -The Sense of Style - ways to be Stylish
7- Breaking fashion rules 
8- Fashion Errors 
Fashion Culture 
9- Style identification 
10- Discovering  Fabrics 
11- Discovering Shoes 
12- What kind of Shoes wear with...

"One Day  Women Styling Courses with Milan Fashion Campus is the great experience for your short stay in Milan. I would highly recommend it as a very detailed introduction to those who either want to start their career in fashion/styling or just as part of vacation experience in the Fashion capital of Italy, very personalized individual approach and very welcoming team. Now I plan to come back to MFC and take for intense one week or one month course."

A stylist can also work directly with the client as Personal Stylist. As you can image this role involves selecting clothes for a client or developing the wardrobe items, many times the stylist provides also makeup and hair styling services to clients. This field includes the Celebrity Styling too; in this case the stylist should consider the relationships between the celebrity and the brand,current trends and what kind of message the star wants to express.Furthermore, a Fashion Stylist should have a bit of Marketing and Communication knowledge to write articles on the latest fashion trends, provide fashion direction to buyers, and product developers, organize fashion events and speak about image and fashion trends. Note that to start a Fashion Stylist Career you must obviously have a passion for fashion and a keen eye for detail, fashion trends and color schemes but also be familiar about different type of body and face shapes how to use accessories.It's important to take care about the professional presentation, you should create your own great and well presented portfolio and a website will also be an advantage.

What will you learn?

1-  Glossary
2-  Men's clothing description 
3-  Style Identification
4-  Men's Fabrics
5- Male Face Shapes
6- Male Face Shapes + Sunglasses
7- Men's different Body Shapes
8- Dress Code

Additional Documents

- Italian / British / American Jackets

- Fashion Icons

- Fit Suit Guide

- Fashion Male Mistakes


1 Day 1 person euro 450,00  And if you take a friend with you

                                          1 Day 2 people euro 700,00 



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