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Men Fashion
Styling Course

Elevate your personal style and step into the world of men's fashion with our Men's Styling Fashion Course. Become a trendsetter as you acquire essential skills in personal styling and image consultancy.

Discover the art of crafting a distinctive and confident look tailored to individual preferences and lifestyles. 

This course is your gateway to mastering the principles of men's fashion, from wardrobe essentials to the latest trends. Join us on this style journey and empower yourself to make a lasting impression in the dynamic realm of men's fashion.

- Anna Wintour

"Create your own style.
                      Let it be unique for yourself and yet
                                                               identifiable for others."

Learning Outcomes

The Men's Fashion Styling course empowers students to cultivate a refined sense of fashion with an Italian touch. This comprehensive program provides students with an extensive glossary of men's clothing, offering a panoramic understanding of the diverse men's fashion landscape. Delving deeper, the course explores men's fashion icons and style identification, providing students with a robust foundation.

Throughout the course, students must consider various factors such as body shapes, facial features, dress codes, situational appropriateness, fabric choices, and more. The objective is to broaden students' knowledge of men's styling, enabling them to select suitable attire based on time, place, and situation, or to create attention-grabbing campaigns for PR agencies while staying attuned to trends.

Specifically, the curriculum covers the analysis of Italian, British, and American suits, diverse bow tie and shoe styles, offering everything needed to emerge as a professional image consultant.

This program goes beyond conventional rules found in typical fashion books. It encourages students not just to learn but to "live a real experience in the number one Men’s Fashion Capital in the World" – Milan. The ultimate understanding comes from living and breathing the experience in the fashion hub of Milan.

men fashion style
men fashion style
men fashion style

Important information


English & Italian
starting from 2.100 €
flexible dates
Courses start every Monday
Exclusive Fashion Events participation opportunity
Italian International Fashion Certificate

1 week 

(6 hours a day, 4 days a week)

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