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Fashion Styling


What will you learn?

“to leave a real experience in the number one Men’s Fashion Country in the World such as Milan” 

This course will allow you to:

- Develop the sense of fashion styling with Italian taste

- To obtain a general view on men’s fashion world and then goes deeper with description and identification of men’s fashion icons.

- To must always keep in their mind that they have to consider a number of factors, like different body shapes,different faces, dress codes, situations, fabrics...
- To expand student’s knowledge of men’s styling and give them the ability to wear appropriate clothes suiting time, place and situation or how to be trend conscious to make an eye catching campaign.
- To analize different types of Italian ,British and American suite and also more details about famous bow ties and shoes to become a professional stylist for personal shopper or photo shooting stylist.

Course Learning Outcomes

- Recognizing different men's body shape
and dressing right for each

- Gain knowledge of different men's dress codes

- Gain knowledge of men's clothing identification

- Gain knowledge of the past icons and designers

- Become trend conscious of men style all over
the world

- Recognizing names of fabric (Understanding 
which fabrics are more suitable for men wearing)

- Use of Adobe Photoshop

Important information

For all people who wants’ to increase the knowledge in the field of fashion:

- for professional purpose
- for personal culture
- Styling for Media Photo / Video
Fashion designer
-Personal shopper
-Personal Image adviser




1 week - Full-time - 4 days aweek (Monday to Thursday)


Level: Beginners
- Notebook
- Laptop computer
- USB Memory stick
- Photoshop  (30 day trial version okay)

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