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Photo Shooting

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What is? 

Milan Fashion Campus presents the Fashion Styling Shooting module, an immersive workshop designed to equip students with the skills needed to orchestrate real fashion shoots in a professional studio environment, complete with a seasoned photographer, a model, and a hairstylist. Through hands-on exercises, participants will refine their styling instincts and enhance their portfolios.

This project is a comprehensive journey, guiding students through every phase of a photo shoot, and providing a platform to showcase and elevate their styling prowess. Our goal is to empower each student, allowing them to demonstrate their full styling potential from inception to completion.

Course content - Program

The first day
Dedicated to the preparation and construction of the project which includes mood board research: selecting a concept, building a storyboard, deciding the style of photography, selecting the location, choosing the right model, and deciding on the poses, make-up, and hair style.

Second day
Students will receive a list of key items: choosing three or four of them for the photo shoot and customizing the look using the wardrobe offered by the school and their own clothes & and accessories, they will create real outfits.
The styling can be completed by renting clothes and accessories from stores affiliated with the school.
 The third day
Includes the fitting with the model and a meeting with make-up artists, hair stylists, and the photographer to discuss the project and photo shoot.
 Fourth day

Is the shooting day! This workshop can be paired with the Fashion Styling course or it can be done separately. At the end of the module, each student will receive the digital pictures and the participation certificate.

Important information

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Course Learning Outcomes 
--be able to combine new up

- to-date looks
- be able to organize a shooting 
- be able to work in an international ambient 
- gain knowledge to work with professionals 
- improve your Portfolio 

Level: Beginners


Fashion Short-Term Course 

Daytime 1 week:  

 Full-Time - (24h) 4 days a week (Monday to Thursday) 


( Including studio-photographer-model )

To include 22% Tax & 150 euro Enrollment Fee.


Included: Photographic Studio - Photographer -

Model - Makeup - Artist



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