Day Personal Fashion

Styling Course

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How will be? For who?

Discover How Style can Influence your Career or Personal Life

One Day Personal Women Styling Courses with Milan Fashion Campus is a great Experience for your short stay in Milan.

I would highly recommend it as a very detailed introduction to those who either want to become more fashion conscious, start their career in fashion/styling or just as part of vacation experience in the Fashion capital of Italy.

Very personalized individual approach and very welcoming team. 

Program topics

General Styling Coaching 
 Body Shape – Face Shape 
 Colors in Fashion 
Your Personal Styling 
 Your Colors
Identify which items fit your Body
Your Face Your accessories 
Be-Chic - The Sense of Style - ways to be Stylish

 Breaking fashion rules 
 Fashion Errors 
Fashion Culture 
 Style identification 
 Discovering Fabrics 
 Discovering Shoes 
What kind of Shoes wear with...

Important information

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1 Day 1 person: 550 €

1 Day 2 people euro 800 €




Fashion welcome Set 

(Value 150 €)

Courses One by One

or Small Groups