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Milan Fashion Campus,Angelo Russica

Who are we?

Milan Fashion Campus was established by Angelo Russica.

Milan Fashion Campus was founded to give students practical skills and knowledge of fashion in order to be prepared to launch successful careers.

The fashion school’s main objective is to expose students from all over the world to fashion from a Milanese professional perspective.

There are many renowned schools around the world that teach students the fashion trade, but fail to prepare them for working in the actual fashion industry. The lack of “real world experience” often results in students finding themselves struggling to find work, despite having invested both time and money in their studies. This is why Milan Fashion Campus focuses on short term courses allowing students to experience the real working world without spending excessive amounts of time and money.


After his fashion studies in Milan, Angelo Russica made his first steps into the fashion world assisting Giorgio Correggiari, where he met Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana). He had to leave for military service for one year. Once he came back he worked with the Italian company Barbas (Menswear Collection), after this he had one of his most exciting professional experience: He began working as an assistant designer for Gianni Versace. He worked for 4 years participating in Women's Wear and Menswear collections: Genny, Spazio and Versus.

After this experience, he left Italy for 4 years for Spain: Here he worked with Induyco – El Corte Inglés in Madrid. Once he returned, he started working as a consultant for Gruppo Marzotto, Miroglio Vestebene, Gruppo Max Mara, also in Japan with one of the most important apparel Maker World Company, King Company.

Important information

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our programs

- Flexible

- Tailored individually according to students' interests and needs

- Small groups

- Constant attention and feedback on their technical and creative skills.

- Lesson in English, Italian and Spanish (Translators for other languages are available upon special requirements)

- After completion of all courses, students receive a certificate from MFC.

our students

- Students from over the world (Intercultural exchange)

-There's no age requirement(at least 18 years old) or qualifications required to participate in the courses .

- One can start from the basic level or choose any specialization courses to enhance their knowledge.

- After completion of all courses, students receive a certificate from MFC.


- Short fashion courses and intensive fashion master class for everyone who wants develop fashion knowledges and skills, choosing Fashion Design or Fashion styling courses. Courses are Open all the year around- Every Monday.

Milan Fashion Campus promotes a One to one teaching method, it means that each students is following by a teacher, step by step.

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